How to choose your engagement ring?

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In the face of true love, all is left is finding an iconic ring to symbolize your endless devotion. Choosing the perfect engagement ring is an important quest. It can bring up some interrogations like “Is this the right design? Did I spend enough money on it? Is the quality good enough to last a lifetime? How to know if I made the right choice?”

Whether choosing a ring on your own or with your partner, we are here for you every step of the way to help you find the perfect match for your lifelong commitment. Here is our guide to finding the one.

1. What style should your engagement ring be?

First things first, let’s talk design. This is the most personal decision.

Because you are looking to pick a piece that will last a lifetime, take cues from your partner’s current style to be sure it will be a perfect match.
Ask yourself: Is your partner more classic or avant-garde? Less is more, or more is less? Does your partner usually wear jewelry? Every day or on special occasions? Are they shiny or discrete, thick or thin?

The answers to these questions are only cues, not truth set in stone. Each person is unique, no one belongs unconditionally to a certain group or style. Try to get as close as possible! Once you have some initial ideas, we encourage you to share them with an expert jewelry designer, who will advise you and help you find the perfect match.

One last piece of advice, your engagement ring will symbolize your eternal love, and should last a lifetime. Ask yourself if your partner would still love the design in 20 years. Loyal.e offers a large range of engagement rings, all customisable, from classic to avant-garde designs, as well as our bespoke service, to create your unique engagement ring.

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6. How to define the ring size?

Once you have chosen the ring, you need to find the right size.
Easy for yourself, more difficult if you wish to surprise your partner!  

If you can find a ring that your partner already wears on the same finger (left ring finger in France), you can refer to our size guide. Be careful, the size of the fingers varies between the left hand and the right hand.

However, finding the right ring size can be tricky without trying a ring on. Privileging the surprise is a great gesture. However, ensure you can resize or exchange the ring if need there be.

Loyal.e is committed to offer you complimentary resizing or complimentary return for each purchase within our collections. We are here to advise you in your choice of engagement ring to make sure you find the perfect match.

View our sizing guide or contact us for more information.

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7. What if the answer is YES?

Fingers crossed, the answer is yes!

In the event of a wedding, it will also be an opportunity to choose together the wedding band that will complete your engagement ring in perfect harmony.

We hope this guide helped you in your beautiful endeavour. To help you through this choice in a more personalized way, our jewelry experts are happy to advise you. Feel free to call us or book an appointment!

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