Our commitments


Our jewelry unites two precious materials. We exclusively use recycled 18k RJC-CoC¹ certified gold and the finest quality² of lab grown diamonds.

By choosing these materials, we stand against the working conditions and environmental impact of gold and diamond mining.

Gold recycling is an ethical and environmentally conscious way to give new life to this precious and finite metal.

Compared to a mined diamond of the same quality, a lab grown diamond requires seven times less water and produces twenty times less CO2.
Furthermore, all our diamonds are certified climate neutral.

This helps to preserve the beauty and finite resources of our planet, for all its inhabitants.


(1) Responsible Jewelry Council – Chain of Custody: a unique certification that guarantees all our jewelry is crafted in recycled gold produced to stringent ethical standards and fully traceable.

(2) Selection criteria (4Cs scale):
Colour: D, E, F (colourless)
Clarity: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2
Cut: Ideal, Excellent
All pieces of jewelry made with diamonds of 1 carat or above are delivered with an IGI certificate.

Learn more about lab grown diamonds

Safeguarding artisanal traditions

Our talented artisans craft your piece by hand, in the heart of Paris, in the tradition of excellence of the finest French craftsmanship.

To reduce our environmental impact and invest in the highest standards of craftsmanship, nearly all of our pieces are made to order.
We create delicate, unique jewels, expertly crafted in every detail.

Our delivery times reflect this custom production process. We think of it as a conscious approach to elegance.
Every item we create is desired. Designed uniquely for you, for now and for a lifetime.

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Blockchain traceability

We use blockchain tracking technology, for complete traceability and to prevent counterfeiting.
Our certificates of authenticity are unforgeable and fully digitised.

Each singular, irreplaceable creation comes with its own passport.

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Responsible packaging

Because it’s all in the details. Our Maison reinvents presentation to eliminate unnecessary packaging.
Your pieces are presented and shipped in gorgeous cases that keep them safe and protected, while also protecting our planet and the life we share it with.

We rethought our cutting-edge case design from the ground up, leaving only the bare minimum, to keep your jewelry safe without compromising on protection.

We designed packaging that requires only a single case. The shell is plastic-free, made with FSC-certified recyclable paperboard. This smart, stripped-down packaging is designed to match the elegance and refinement of the jewelry housed within it.

It is made to be kept and reused.

One tree planted for each Loyal.e piece of jewelry

The mining industry is one of many causes of deforestation, threatening the fragile balance of our ecosystems.
Faced with this global threat, it’s time to rethink our ways of being, together.

We are proud to support the reforestation program of our partner Planète Urgence, a registered non-profit.

For each Loyal.e piece of jewelry you order through our website, a tree is planted.