Reveal the glamour that shines within you.

Each diamond is a unique reflection of your heart, your desires, your ambitions.

Whether to celebrate love, adventure, challenge or triumph, it can be a gift to those you love, or above all, a gift to yourself.

Our Maison creates gender-free fine jewelry collections that rewrite the rules.

Daring and delicate, tender and strong, glamour is a symbol of liberty unbound.


Our practices are founded in an uncompromising alliance of elegance and ethics.

We ally the finest traditions of artisanal craftsmanship with conscious and transparent practices to protect our planet’s precious resources.

Our lab grown diamonds sparkle with a hundred fires, cradled in recycled 18k gold.
Our signature jewelry boxes are recyclable and made to be reused.

It is not about following the times, it is about leading on the road ahead.

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Our vision

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Our style

Whether you are extravagant, minimalist or casual; whether you wear your jewelry as a centrepiece or a subtle wink, our creations reveal your glamour.

Loyal.e celebrates your uniqueness: each piece is unique, handmade on demand in our Parisian atelier.

Our signature style is a blend of angles and curves, structured and bold.

Our recycled gold embraces our unique lab grown diamonds, the driving force of our creations. Their radiant light emerges from our  pieces.
Finely chiselled, our timeless designs marry your skin to embrace your individuality.

You are at the heart of the balance between grace and power.

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Our Founder

Maïssa Zard
“My ambition with Loyal.e is to liberate the diamond from conventions, and be done with the notion that a diamond is always given to a woman by a man.
Diamonds are the perfect expression of the forces that drive us: passion, liberation, and love in all its forms.”
Maïssa believes a beautiful piece of jewelry expresses your individuality and makes you radiate self-confidence.
She makes jewelry the centerpiece of her outfits, reflecting her personality in all its subtleties.

Maïssa learned design from her grandmother, who designed her own outfits and shared with her a taste for transgressive beauty, playful elegance and creative freedom.

She founded Loyal.e to unite beauty and ethics, in the belief that contemporary glamour should never be a compromise.