The 7 tips for a Loyal.e stacking

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The 7 tips for a Loyal.e stacking 

Why not let yourself be tempted by the “More is More” trend? 
Loyal.e invites you to tell your story through a unique jewelry stack that reflects your individuality, a bold choice that will add a touch of modernity to your outfit.

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To help you navigate through this art form, we have put together 7 styling tips 100% Loyal.e Paris.

1. Pick your battles

Depending on your look, you can choose to highlight one or two areas. If you are going for a pretty décolleté, then sublimate your neckline with a stacking of necklaces. With a turtleneck, bet on a stacking of earrings that will illuminate your face.

stacking ethical jewelry loyal.e paris

2. Necklaces

Go for an odd number to create an asymmetrical look that captures the eye, and play with lengths to brighten up your neckline. You can also create a bold color gradient by mixing gold colors. Start your composition with a yellow gold choker and end it with a long white gold chain.

necklaces stacking white yellow rose gold ethical jewelry loyal.e paris

3. Bracelets

The more the merrier ! Don’t hesitate to combine shapes, thicknesses, and colors for the most sparkling of wrists. Alternate thick bangles and thin chain bracelets for an exquisite look.

bracelets stacking ethical jewelry loyal.e paris 2

4. Rings

Dare to create an original combination of horizontal and vertical rings. Blend shapes, widths, gold colors and stones on one or two fingers for a truly unique effect!

rings stacking ethical fine jewelry loyal.e paris

5. Earrings

Because nothing beautifies your ears like diamonds, Loyal.e has created a multitude of designs that light up your face. For those with several piercings, don’t hesitate to wear your jewelry loud and clear. Assign the smallest earring to the highest spot and work your way down with crescent designs.

earrings stacking ethical fine jewelry loyal.e paris 2

6. Create new memories

Why not combine a family ring or a birthstone with strong sentimental value, with a more fashionable piece? Dig through your jewelry boxes and you will surely find treasures full of memories to mix with your most recent jewelry crush.

stacking bracelets rings ethical fine jewelry loyal.e paris

7. Have fun!

Stacking is an art form but the number one rule is to express yourself… and pile on those jewels!