Absolu.e collection

The Absolu.e Collection

The Absolu.e collection revisits jewelry’s great classics -the solitaire and the wedding ring- and modernises them. These eternal treasures are waiting to be embraced by your union’s unique story.

Because love is universal, but your love is one of a kind; because loving is an art, and art is a constant reinvention, make these timeless pieces your own.


The design

An Absolu.e ring’s design exudes grace in its simplicity, yet always bears a touch of originality in the details. The collection is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, blending comfort with sophistication.

An Absolu.e solitaire’s body is entirely curved, creating a seamless harmony when paired with an union ring. Together, your engagement ring and your wedding band form a single elegant and modern jewel that wraps two radiant lines around your finger.

The center stone’s setting bears three prongs instead of the traditional four, thus allowing the magnificent diamond to shine unimpeded, symbolizing the unfiltered and eternal sparkle of your love.

All of the Absolu.e pieces are customisable to reflect your individuality. Your ring can be in yellow gold, rose gold, palladium white gold, or platinum, pavé or not. You can also, for any solitaire, choose the diamond’s cut and carat: round brilliant, cushion, princess, oval, pear, 0.25ct, 0.5ct, 1ct or more.

If you need help in finding the perfect ring that truly symbolises your love, we will be delighted to give you personalised guidance. Don’t hesitate to visit us in our Parisian boutique or book an appointment for a virtual meet-up.

“Absolu.e is an homage to the tradition of jewelry making that accompanies us, guides us, and most importantly evolves with us.
This collection’s rings are timeless classics, brought up to date.
They are designed to be easily and stylishly worn every day.”

Maïssa, founder of Loyal.e Paris

Solitaires Absolu.e Loyal.e Paris


A solitaire shines with the strength and captivating allure of the diamond it cradles. Its design is pure, elevating the center stone that represents your eternal love.
All of the collection’s solitaires are customisable: choose the metal and the diamond that tell your unique story.

The Absolu.e solitaire

Solitaire Les Absolues 1ct - 18k yellow gold lab grown diamond Loyale Paris 3

The Absolu.e Couronne

Solitaire Les Absolues Encore Plus 025ct pavé - 18k yellow gold lab grown diamond Loyale Paris 6

The Absolu.e Encore Plus

Alliances Absolu.e Loyal.e Paris

THE Union and wedding rings

The Absolu.e union and wedding rings embody both timeless elegance and unique beauty, symbolising the promise of a life shared in harmony and passion.
The gold is rigorously crafted to embrace your finger with lightness, comfort and grace. These jewels add a touch of subtle originality to your love.


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We work exclusively with certified 18k recycled gold and climate-neutral lab grown diamonds.

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