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How it all began

A story of love, passion and transmission

“My love for jewelry started when I inherited my grandmother’s ring. I was 12 years old, and as soon as I put that ring on my finger, I was seized with emotion and memories: her laugh, the scent of her perfume… That day, I realised that jewelry is, above all, a story of legacy.

15 years later, Sam and I decided to get married. Together, we started looking for the perfect engagement ring that would represent both of us: 

An elegant, bold and stylish jewel, 

A creation that embodies our story and elevates us, just as our love does, 

A piece of jewelry made with soul, in the art of responsible and transparent craftsmanship. 

But the more we searched for our ring, the more we felt we had to compromise between our values and our aspirations. I saw an opportunity to bring something new to the table and I decided to make my dream a reality: I founded Loyal.e Paris.”

Maïssa, founder of Loyal.e Paris

The vision

A spark of splendour in your life

A piece of jewelry conveys emotions.  As time passes by, its material aspect remains the same, yet the piece grows richer: its value lies in the stories it carries. A piece of jewelry tells your unique story, your path, your achievements, your truth.  

It’s a piece that’s loyal to who you are. 

I would like everyone to express their singularity through our creations, to mark an accomplishment or an important moment in their lives. That’s why our pieces are timeless yet characterful, and shine with originality and elegance.  

ateliers français maison de joaillerie ethique loyal.e paris

Our values

When desirability meets responsibility

“I believe in an ethical, eco-responsible jewelry, with no compromise on its impeccable quality or style.  

With Loyal.e Paris, I wanted to bring to life a new kind of luxury. One that is warm, open, inclusive, and puts peopleat the heart of creation.  

Our jewelry is designed with passion, in the art of ancestral French craftsmanship, while harnessing innovation, to preserve our planet’s resources and always strive for a more positive impact. 

Our Maison fights to push the boundaries and contribute to a more virtuous jewelry world.”

Maïssa, founder of Loyal.e Paris

joaillerie ethique loyal.e paris

The style

Originality through simplicity

Loyal.e’s jewelry takes inspiration from the greatest classics and reinvents them, refining their designs and infusing them with modernity.
Each piece we create celebrates the beauty of simplicity. Simplicity demands absolute precision, calling for a gracefulbalance between shapes and materials.

Strength and grace

The harmony between power and grace is at the heart of our identity. It is embodied in each of our pieces, through the fluidity of their curves, the precision of their architecture, and their timeless yet stylish elegance.
Every line is meticulously crafted to enhance the brilliance of diamond and the finesse of gold.

bagues diamant de laboratoire et or recylce loyal.e paris
bagues diamant de laboratoire et or recylce loyal.e paris 2

Timeless elegance

Conceived within the codes of ancestral French high jewelry, our designs are free from the constraints of fleeting trends and fashions. 
Our craft is sincere, and every detail is imagined for a purpose.

Playful sparkle

Easy to wear, your Loyal.e jewelry will gracefully adapt to your outfits and accompany you at all times.
Wear your piece alone or stacked. Play with combinations, mix gold colours, and unleash your imagination!
Loyal.e stands out for its transgressive beauty, playful elegance and creative freedom.

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Why Loyal.e ?

Loyal.e to yourself, Loyal.e to our planet

“I wanted to honour the word that guides my steps every day, loyalty: loyalty to myself, my loved ones and my principles.

I’ve come to realize that genuine loyalty persists through thick and thin, and I promise to extend this loyalty to you.

Loyal.e is committed to designing jewelry that elevates every moment of your journey. Our creations are born from unique designs, renowned craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and above all, unwavering values.

We are dedicated to preserving our planet’s valuable resources, combining responsible and innovative practices with the ancestral savoir-faire of French artisanal jewelry.”

Maïssa, founder of Loyal.e Paris


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