Maïssa’s word: LOYAL

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Firm and not changing in your friendship or support for a person or an organisation, or in your belief in your principles
Cambridge Dictionary

maissa founder and designer loyal.e paris
loyal.e paris maissa word loyal

An open letter from Maïssa, Loyal.e Founder & Designer.

Loyalty has always been of the utmost importance to me. I make it a priority to be loyal to my friends, my family, and most importantly, my values.

I’ve come to realise that genuine loyalty persists through thick and thin.

Being loyal to yourself, to your values, desires and dreams can be challenging, but oh so important. To stay true to yourself is essential to grow and blossom. 

To be loyal to yourself is succeeding in presenting yourself to the world exactly like you are, with your strengths and flaws. It is celebrating your individuality. 

By naming my brand Loyal.e, I wanted to pay homage to this idea. Loyalty guides me every day but with Loyal.e Paris, I aspire to pass on the message I learned throughout the years: loyalty is a value that makes no compromise.

With Loyal.e Paris, I promise to extend this loyalty to you.

I have always been passionate about jewelry, but I found myself struggling to stay true to myself and my values when it came to the jewelry world.  

I learned that, with each diamond and gold piece I indulged in, I was unknowingly compromising my values by supporting an industry built on unsustainable practices. As someone who strives to live every day by my values, I knew this had to change.

Loyal.e jewelry is crafted without compromise, built on exceptional quality, unique designs, and unwavering values. Our jewelry is designed to last a lifetime, just like our relationship with you. We promise to be loyal to you every step of the way as you express your individuality with Loyal.e.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this journey with you as the Loyal.e family continues to grow.

With love,