Yellow, white or rose gold?

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Yellow, White or Rose Gold? 

To add an original touch to the simplest outfits, combine different colors of gold ! Contrary to what one might think, the three colors of gold—yellow, white and pink—mix with grace.
Albeit this art of association is not always easy to master. To help you express your creativity, here is our guide that will ensure an eclectic and elegant outfit. 

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The 3 gold colors

Gold comes in three main colors: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. What gives this color to gold? Simply the mixture of metals that compose it.

18k gold, more widely used for its properties that favor the finest designs, contains 6k of different metals. All colors are made of 75% pure gold. As for the remaining 25%, white gold will contain more silver and zinc. Rose gold will be more concentrated in copper. As for yellow gold, it contains silver and copper in equal parts.

Although white is often the color of choice for engagement rings, yellow is the most common and classic color of gold. More recently however, the rose gold’s originality has conquered many fans’ hearts.

Depending on your style, skin tone, and mood for the day, you might be leaning towards one color or the other. But why not simply mix&match? From ears to fingers, choose the best combination of white, yellow and rose gold, to accompany you through your day… and night.


5 Loyal.e tips

1. Opt for a well-balanced mix

You can mix gold colors in several ways, either in a pronounced way or more subtle. It is then important to choose the appropriate outfit so that the whole remains harmonious.
For example, if you choose a very assertive style with thick chain necklaces declined in various gold colors, prefer a sober outfit that will only enhance your composition. If you prefer a more minimalist look, combine several minimalistic chains and thin rings of different colors to polish off your most elaborate outfits. It’s all about the perfect balance!

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2. Think about your skin tone 

Consider your skin tone when choosing the color of your jewelry to best highlight your face. White or pink gold will be a better match with a light skin tone. For those with a matt skin color, all colors will bring out your skin tone but yellow gold is what suits you best. However, if you have a crush on a gold piece, you should simply treat yourself and you will be more radiant!

3. Add colorful accents 

If you wish to break up a metallic style, don’t hesitate to add a touch of color to your look. For example, with a ring with a colored stone or a bracelet made of fabric or beads found on holidays.

4. Select the right pieces 

For a graceful association, we recommend that you highlight only one category of jewelry.
If you have a piece that is already two-toned or even three-toned, like a nice watch or ring, that’s even better! It will serve as a base but most importantly as a link between the different pieces of your look.

5. Create the right mix

Why not opt for a few fine yellow and white rings, perfect to test the trend of the mix & match? They can be worn one on top of the other, on one or two fingers per hand.
Do you prefer necklaces ? You can play with color variations to create a gradient that highlights your neckline. We advice you start your composition with a yellow gold choker at the base and end it with a long white gold chain.
As for bracelets, you can freely multiply them around the wrist, in a rainbow of colors. Bangles, cuffs, bracelets or delicate chains…. Create a composition at your image and in accordance with your style.

Rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, pick up your favorites, mix, match and clash away! And to enhance your look, don’t forget that there is always room for a scintillating diamond. Let all your creativity flow!