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At Loyal.e, each piece is made to order, hand-made and customisable in our atelier in France, safeguarding French craftsmanship excellence.

France is worldly famous for its fine jewelry savoir-faire. Today, because of the cost it represents, very few jewelry houses, even of French origin, have maintained artisanal production in France.

To choose French handmade jewelry is a guarantee of quality.

Our artisans work our meticulously chosen materials with care and precision. Our highly skilled goldsmiths and polishers manually bring our creations to life, uniting their heritage and their sense of innovation.

Our climate-neutral lab grown diamonds are selected with the greatest care for their brilliance and fire.
Our 18k gold is recycled, melted down, twisted, shaped, to create a high-concept setting worthy of our extraordinary gemstones.

Our Maison redefines contemporary jewelry, anchored in the finest craftsmanship of French tradition to create the ultimate expression of your individuality.

Welcome to the heart of our atelier!

Discover some of the manufacturing steps that bring your Loyal.e Paris jewel to life.

Lost-wax casting process 

The so-called “lost wax casting” technique has been known since ancient Egypt.

First, the future creation is sculpted in wax. This  wax “footprint” is coated in plaster before being inserted into the oven.

The wax melts and only the hardened plaster mould remains. All that’s left to do is to pour the molten gold into the mould.

The melting point, which varies according to the metals, is 1064°C for gold.

jewelry atelier Paris handmade fine jewelry ethical gold diamond
jewelry atelier Paris handmade fine jewelry ethical gold diamond
jewelry atelier Paris handmade fine jewelry ethical gold diamond
jewelry atelier Paris handmade fine jewelry ethical gold diamond


Our artisan jewellers work the precious gold and refine the setting that will hold the diamonds.

This ancestral method is reflected in the attention to detail.

It guarantees a gracious yet solid design, as well as the greatest comfort for its wearer.


The next step is setting your precious stone on your piece of jewelry.

The challenge of this complex technique is to firmly fix your diamond, while highlighting it in the most elegant way. Your jewelry is all the more sparkling.

A discreet and precise setting will ensure an optimal reflection of light on your shining diamond.

jewelry atelier Paris handmade fine jewelry ethical gold diamond
savoir-faire-loyal-e-paris-ethical jewlery-3
jewelry atelier Paris handmade fine jewelry ethical gold diamond


Polishing reveals the full brilliance of each jewel.

It is carried out three times on each piece : before and after the setting, then after final assembly, using brushes with bristles of different hardnesses.

Thus, our artisans make sure that all the surfaces of the precious gold shine flawlessly!


Audacious designs, environmentally conscious materials, and exquisite craftsmanship.


We wish to offer an exceptional experience to assist you in all your jewelry aspirations.


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We work exclusively with certified 18k recycled gold and climate-neutral lab grown diamonds.

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