How to take care of your jewelry : the do’s and don’ts

Fine jewelry is both an art and a craft.
Find answers to all your questions and uncover the secrets of fine jewelry with our experts.


Whether it’s a gift to a loved one or to yourself, a piece of jewelry is unique and irreplaceable. It will accompany youfor life, before being passed on to future generations. That’s why it’s important to know how to preserve your jewel’sbeauty. 

Our Loyal.e experts guide you through the Dos and Don’ts of caring for your jewelry.

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Cleaning your jewelry at home : Do!

Jewelry made of diamonds and 18k gold can be cleaned with a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush, slightly dampened and soaked in soap. Scrub gently… That’s it, your precious jewel has regained all its sparkle!

Washing your hands with your jewelry : Do!

Unlike other materials, 18k gold jewelry is not sensitive to soap or moisture. So there’s no risk in washing your hands with it. However, make sure your ring is exactly the right size: accidents do happen and it would be a shame to see your ring slip off your finger!

Sleeping with your jewelry on : Don’t!

It’s best to remove your jewelry before going to bed to avoid damaging it. Chains can become tangled and brittle. As for rings, you could knock them as you move in your sleep, deforming them over time. Finally, earrings kept on overnight can have their post deformed and hurt you.

Storing jewelry : Do!

To protect your jewelry from dust and accidents, it is best to store it in a jewelry box or in its original case. We advise you not to store several pieces in the same pouch to avoid any scratches.

Wearing your jewelry at the beach : Do but…

You have first and foremost to be careful not to lose your jewel at the bottom of the ocean. But you can go swimming with any gold and diamond jewelry. Just make sure you rinse them in clear water as soon as you get back from the pool or beach. This will remove all traces of salt, chlorine, sand or sun cream, and preserve your jewel’s radiance.

Playing sport with your jewelry : Do but…

While costume jewelry may erode, fine jewelry made from precious materials like 18K gold and diamonds areresistant to perspiration. However, some sports or manual activities might expose them to the risk of damage. Diamond is the hardest stone on Earth and is scratch-proof. But gold is a malleable metal that can scratch or deform. Finally, our advice is to think first and foremost about your comfort: leave your jewelry in your bag and practice your activities lightly!

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Choosing the right jewelry : Do!

If you want your jewelry to last and eventually be passed on to the next generations, choose certified materials and the highest quality craftsmanship. 

At LOYAL.E PARIS, all of our pieces are made of the most ethical and noble materials.
On the one hand, Gold is a noble metal which does not oxidize. We exclusively use 18k gold. Indeed, it can happen that other metals contained in the gold alloy cause a skin reaction, when it comes to jewelry with a low percentage of gold (less than 18k).
On the other hand, diamond is the hardest gemstone on Earth. Eternal, it can be easily worn every day without scratching.
We value and strive for excellence. We are committed to handcrafting jewelry of the highest quality, that lasts for generations. We are committed to providing ongoing care to your jewel. If you feel the need, don’t hesitate to entrust us with your LOYAL.E creation: we will check the overall condition of your piece and carry out a thorough cleaning.