The Intrépide stacking

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The Intrépide stacking 

Our flagship collection, Intrépide, is an invitation to creation. Your Intrépide rings can be worn alone or in a stack, the rings fit together with precision, the gold colours harmonise, and the diamonds come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to play with an infinite number of possible combinations.

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Ready to play? Here are some ideas to help you find the Intrépide look that suits you best.

How to wear your Intrépide rings?

With simplicity

Wear the Intrépide ring alone, to assert your uniqueness with discreet elegance.
Whether it’s a Petit Arc or Grand Arc ring, paved or unpaved, in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold.
The avant-garde geometry of the Intrépide solitaire is self-sufficient and adds a touch of originality to any outfit.

gold diamond ring intrépide ethical jewelry 3

With harmony

The Petit Arc and the Grand Arc Intrépide rings are designed to complete each other.
The result is a stacking so precise that it is invisible.
Who said elegance can’t be playful? You can combine a paved ring with an unpaved one, play with the size of the centre stone or mix the gold colours.

gold diamond ring intrépide ethical jewelry 2

With boldness

Want an edgy look? We recommend associating two Intrépide Grand Arc for a more angular, bolder effect.
This architectural stacking has been imagined as a tribute to the free-spirited who dare to express their full truth.

gold diamond ring intrépide ethical jewelry 6

With creativity

Simply combine an Intrépide solitaire Grand Arc with an Intrépide Grand Arc without center stone, turn it inside out, and you get an eye-shaped ring.
This colourful combination will reflect your shining individuality.
After all, isn’t the eye the “mirror of your soul”?

gold diamond ring intrépide ethical jewelry 7