Maïssa’s word: Glamour

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The special exciting and attractive quality of a person, place or activity. A quality of someone or something that causes excitement and admiration because of its style or attractive appearance. 
Cambridge Dictionary

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An open letter from Maïssa, Loyal.e Founder & Designer.

« Glamour » is a word I particularly fancy. A word I would like to modernise.

When I was little, I used to look at my mother and her friends get ready to go out, adorned with their most dazzling pieces of jewelry. I was bewildered by the confidence, charm and elegance they exuded. Growing up, I, too, started to dress up in a “glamorous” style. But over time, this concept appeared to me more like a state of mind, rather than a state of being.

I also realised certain misogynistic clichés were devaluating the notion of glamour. Glamour is too often still associated with a certain stereotyped femininity, abiding by society’s stringent beauty standards, depicting a definite sexual fantasy.

The glamour state of mind is a beautiful one. I wish to liberate it from those outdated conventions.

For me, glamour lies in each and every one of us. To express it, no need to look a certain dictated way. It is a unique charisma, a statement of our self-confidence and self-expression.

Glamour lies in your individuality. It is up to you to let it shine!

With love,