Our guide to finding your finger size

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Our ring sizing guide

You’ve found THE ring you dreamed of. It may be a gift to yourself or to a loved one. But now you are faced with choosing the size of your jewel and you are unsure. You are not alone, few people know how to size their finger, let alone someone else’s!

So, how do you find the right ring size? Fortunately, there are some methods that allow you to do so, even without trying the ring on!

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Method 1- With the free LOYAL.E ring sizer

To help you determine the size of your future ring with precision, LOYAL.E is pleased to offer you a free ring sizer, that you can now order here.
Very easy to use, this tool, delivered to you by post, will allow you to measure your precise finger size.

Method 2- Using another ring

Although less precise, this method is more discreet if the ring is a gift to someone else: you can “borrow” an old ring of theirs (ideally a band) and measure their finger size thanks to our guide that you can download here.

Method 3- At LOYAL.E’s boutique

If you live in Paris or are simply passing by, you can come and meet us in our Parisian boutique. Our experts will measure the size of your finger on the spot or the size of a ring you have on you (if it is a gift)!

Our tips for determining the right ring size

Whatever method you choose, here are a few tips from our experts.

If your ring is between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.

Note that finger sizes are not the same from one hand to another. So be sure to measure the size of the right finger, or the size of a ring usually worn on the desired finger.

Also don’t forget that a finger can change in size. It varies with the seasons (fingers often swell in the summer heat). Similarly, when you are pregnant, gain or lose weight, your fingers will also change in size.

That’s why we advise you to carefully keep your LOYAL.E ring sizer in your jewelry box. This way, whatever the circumstances, you will be ready to find your precise size!

Finally, you should know that the measurement system varies from one country to another. In order to better get acquainted with it, you can find a table of equivalence here.

In case of any doubt, rest assured! We offer free and secure shipping and returns. We also offer complimentary resizing if it turns out the ring you ordered isn’t a perfect fit. Check out our FAQ for more information.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get personal advice from one of our advisors or to receive a free ring sizer. You can reach us at your convenience: by phone or WhatsApp, from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm CET, on +33 7 49 55 00 79 or by e-mail, at contact@loyaleparis.com

We hope to see you soon at LOYAL.E!