Perpétuel.le Collection

Perpétuel.le Collection

The Perpétuel.le collection symbolises energy and infinite movement. It’s a tribute to freedom, a call to express who you really are, and dream who you will become.

The graceful curves of the design, hallmark of LOYAL.E’s jewelry, evoke a sense of weightless grace and perpetual renewal. The delicate lines of 18k gold swirl in an endless circle.

At the heart of this choreography of shapes and volumes, the diamond symbolises the fulcrum of positive change: you.

ethical jewellery gold and diamond jewels loyal.e Paris

The inspiration

Free and spontaneous, this collection is inspired by the ultimate symbol of eternity, vital force and rebirth: the circle.

 “This collection is deeply personal to me, as I have designed it as my compass.
Curves intersect and intertwine around a central diamond, forming bridges that connect four cardinal points, the four values of the Maison: authenticity, inclusivity, audacity, and responsibility.
As for the ring bands, their design echoes the movement of ocean waves, reflecting the infinite depths of our souls.”

Maïssa, Loyal.e Paris’ founder

ethical jewellery gold and diamond ring loyal.e Paris 1

The rings

Be it the classic ring, the band ring, or the Chevalière, their distinctive curves give them a timeless look, a blend of vintage charm and contemporary allure. Their graphic designs are delicately interlaced to make them everyday companions that never catch on your clothing.

Each Perpétuel.le ring bears its own uniqueness, yet together they harmonize, weaving a tapestry of bold elegance.

ethical jewellery gold and diamond ring loyal.e Paris 3

The classic rings

“This ring holds a special place for me because it’s the first piece we created. I love wearing, on the same hand, my Perpétuel.le ring in yellow gold on my middle finger, along with my Intrépide ring on the index.” – Maïssa

The ring bands

“Without a central gem, this ring sits very close to the skin, like lace adorning your finger. Through the undulating waves crafted by the gold, it’s got this really chill, lively vibe. Personally, I always wear it on my middle finger, where it adds a little sparkle to my whole hand.” – Maïssa

ethical jewellery gold and diamond ring loyal.e Paris 2
ethical jewellery gold and diamond pinky ring loyal.e Paris

The chevlaières

“I always wear my chevalière on my small finger. Sometimes, I wear the Intrépide Ring alongside it. The Chevalière is a bold statement piece, which exudes character without it being bulky. It’s just the right balance.” – Maïssa

The design

Core element of each creation, the diamond’s strength is elevated by the grace of the gold curves. This choreography is the trademark of this ethereal and architectural collection.

Finely chiselled, polished or set with exceptional lab-grown diamonds, the lines delicately intertwine, bearing witness to inspired craftsmanship and precision: the material seems alive, in perpetual motion.

This bold and sensual collection pays homage to your adventurous soul. Diverse in creations and designs, Perpétuel.le invites you to play with its various contours and shapes, to make them your own with singularity.

ethical jewellery gold and diamond earrings loyal.e Paris 3

The earrings

With a touch of harmony and sensuality, the Perpétuel.le earrings compliment the natural curves of your face and neck. The sparkling diamonds enhance the radiance of your complexion and light up the simplest attire.

These earrings, whether the studs or the pendant ones, have a retro vibe to them that adds a touch of singularity to any look.

For a graphic and asymmetric effect, don’t hesitate to hop on the mix-and-match trend and pair the different designs together!

“Very easy to wear, they elevate any outfit. Whether I’m in jeans and a t-shirt, a little black dress, or a glittering gown, I know that with these earrings, I can’t go wrong.” – Maïssa

The necklaces

With their delicate chain and striking pendant, these necklaces exude a unique and elegant allure. You can play on the chain length and gold colour; have a center stone on your pendant or prefer it bare; choose to wear the necklace subtly or dive into the trend of mix-and-match.

Each piece in this collection celebrates the essence of movement and evolution, embracing the uniqueness of every individual.

ethical jewellery gold and diamond necklaces loyal.e Paris
ethical jewellery gold and diamond bracelet loyal.e Paris

The bracelets

The Perpétuel.le bracelets, whether it’s the chain bracelet or the bangle, bear the collection’s emblematic design, its gentle curves and captivating allure. The pure lines easily complement other hand accessories.

For example, if you’re aiming for a sophisticated look, wear your Perpétuel.le bracelet with the Ride & Love bangle. Or pair it with a Soul Charm bracelet for a colourful style.

ethical jewellery gold and diamond ring loyal.e Paris 5

Amour Perpétuel

The warm, sensual geometry of these exceptional rings pays homage to eternal love.

Gold twines around your finger, drawing infinite rolling waves, a mirror of the life you share.

The Amour Perpétuel.le solitaires and union rings pair together on your finger with harmony, celebrating your love’s milestones.   

ethical jewellery gold and diamond jewels loyal.e Paris 2


These Perpétuel.le jewels captivate with their architectural structures, testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of our artisans.

Their designs play on the delicate balance between strength and fluidity, thanks to the elegant combination of gold and sparkling diamonds.

They have a certain character that will undoubtedly elevate your individuality. 

ethical jewellery gold and diamond earrings loyal.e Paris 2

The pendant earrings

The Cascade earrings

ethical jewellery gold and diamond earrings loyal.e Paris 6
ethical jewellery gold and diamond necklace loyal.e Paris

The long necklace


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